The Maze Runner… Or, Why I Should Give Some Books a Second Chance

I realized awhile ago that I use my mood at the time of reading a book as an excuse why I couldn`t get into a book that someone else really liked. For a long time, I thought it was just a way to say something about the book without offending them. I don`t do it all the time but usually with books that I gave up on really quickly but judging by the plot of the book, I should have liked. Slowly, though, I`ve come to realize that, yes sometimes it is just an excuse, but sometimes, it is my mood. Case in point, The Maze Runner. When I first checked it out, I had seen it come in for holds quite a bit and I had waited quite a while to get a copy. I got only about 4 pages into it before I gave up. That`s kind of a new record for me. Except for Perfect Chemistry which, while I`m sure it`s a great book, I opened to the first page and discovered it was written in first person, present tense and decided I couldn`t handle that right now (which is a whole `nother thing). Anyway, the slang that the boys speak in The Maze Runner really annoyed me. Like REALLY. Also, although I can`t remember what else I was reading at the time but I`m thinking I was a little burnt out on the whole distopia thing or maybe just depressing stuff in general. So I returned it. Now almost a year later, I gave it a second attempt. The book is a YRCA nominee this year and, although I want to try to read most of the nominees, I was going to leave this one alone. Then a few people at work read it and loved it. And these are not your typical distopia or even teen lit readers. So I decided to try again. I almost never give books second chances so I was apprehensive. I checked it out (luckily no holds needed this time), then I had to renew it twice, and now, in the last couple days before I finally have to return it, I have read it. I found it surprisingly easy to get into this time. The slang still annoyed me but not that much and after awhile it got easier to ignore. I enjoyed it from the beginning but I didn`t have that `can`t put it down` feeling until about half way through the book. I guess as things were being revealed, I got more and more fascinated by the world that was being built. Now I have to read the next book and, of course, there`s a long wait for it.  Sigh.

What I`m reading right now: Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione, The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma (audiobook), Playing With Fire by Derek Landy (audiobook), Dawn Land by Joseph Bruchac.


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