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Collection… Omnibus… Whatever

I have a love hate relationship with collections by multiple authors. I used to love them alot. They were quick, easy reads that introduced me to new authors. They were something I was strongly drawn to when I was a more avid browser. All that changed though when I started working at at library. All of a sudden I had so many books to read that I now dread discovering new authors. I’m getting caught up with authors and series that I previously wouldn’t have had a chance to but it never ends. My favourite authors have become quite prolific in the last few years and I both love and hate them for it. But that’s another blog.

So now I don’t read collections (I’ll point out that I’m not sure what the actual term for them is) unless they involve an author that I am following closely and I only read the story that they wrote. Which can be a problem. For example, I just read Mysteria Nights … or actually, I just read the two stories Gena Showalter wrote in it. I had no interest in reading the others but at the same time I felt like I was missing something because in this collection the stories all involve characters from the same town who interact with each other. But these short stories can be great. My favourites are the ones that are connected to or give insight into the series of the author. This can be frustrating if you can’t find the book it’s in to read it but it’s so exciting when you discover it, especially accidently. Patricia Briggs is great for that. 

My favourites, though, are the collections where all the stories are by the same author. Especially if they are reprints of stories from multi-author books. This can great way to read or buy stories that you weren’t able to find or weren’t willing to spend time or money on.

So… collections… omnibus…whatever… thumbs up and thumbs down.

What I’m reading right now (totally forgot this part now): In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster by Stephanie Laurens and Slam Dunk, Volume 13.


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A Letter to Terry Goodkind

Dear Mr. Goodkind,

I was really excited to see that you wrote a new book… and then I saw that it was “a Richard and Kahlan” novel. Don’t get me wrong; I love, love, loved the Sword of Truth books. I’ve reread those books several time and they just get better each time but I was glad that the series ended. I have this deep seated fear of series with the same main character for each book going on too long and the author messing with the characters’ lives just to keep things interesting. I’ve seen this happen far too many times, cough Anita Blake cough and this kind of series actually gives me anxiety. I need a happy ending. Sad, I know  but true.

I also loved how you connected the Law of Nines to the Sword of Truth series. (Have I mentioned how much I love crossovers?) The gradual discoveries of these hints had me squealing like the fan girl that I am.

Anyway, I approached The Omen Machine with trepidation and questions. Is this book meant to be a one off? Or is it the beginning of a new series? Will stuff happen to mess up everything that was accomplished during the previous books? Am I going to regret reading this book?

So I read the book and I wasn’t disappointed. It was good. I liked how we’re being introduced to the rest of Dhara which really wasn’t very well explored beyond the People’s Palace in the previous series despite the fact that it is the main part of Richard’s empire. I loved how we get to see more glimpse into Cara and Benjamin’s romance and now marriage (such a cute couple). The plot was also really interesting.

I still had questions at the end though. Mainly, is this the beginning of a new series? I know there was sort of stuff left unfinished. So I checked your website and it didn’t help. It’s a nice website and all. Very appealing visually and very good at promoting the current book with contests and interesting content. But I really wish it would say something along the line of “a new one-shot” or ” a new series” so that it was more obvious. A teaser or mention of the next book you’re writing would be great, although I understand that you’re not one of those authors that puts out a book every couple of month.

So, I’m anticipating your next book. Will it continue on from The Omen Machine, or maybe Law of Nines (that would be awesome), or possibly something completely new. Either way, please keep of writing and promise to trust you.



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