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So… I really suck at this.

In my defense, I moved not long ago and was with cable or internet for over a month. Of course, my last post was quite a while before that but we’ll just ignore that. Over the last bit I had tons of ideas for blogs, books I wanted to talk about but now that I’m actually blogging again it’s all gone from my memory. So what to talk about, what to talk about….

Okay, I know. I just started trying to read eBooks. I’m starting to warm up to them but I’m still not completely sold on them. I guess I should be upfront and tell you that I don’t have an ereader. I’m actually reading them on my smartphone which is great for when I’m out and about and it’s not convenient to bring a book (although that didn’t really stop me before). I finally broke down and downloaded the first book because it was a book I really wanted to read and my library didn’t have a physical copy anymore. So I downloaded the overdrive app and then the book and it was surprisingly easy. I guess all the helping of customers made it go smoother.

Anywho, I’ve read two and a half books on my phone and it’s going¬†pretty good. I mean, the books were really good and I found myself falling into the¬†stories like I normally do but because the screen was small (the print was still a good size) I found myself turning the page every five seconds. I think it actually took me longer to read that book then it normally would because of that, plus the load time to turn it on everytime was kind of a pain. You can’t just open the book like with a print book. I also found it frustrating not being able to go back to another part of the book to check something. I know there is a feature similar to that but you have to think of it ahead of time and I’m not that kind of reader.

So, my final verdict on eBooks is that I don’t have a final verdict yet. I’m warming up to them but I’m really hoping that paper books go away anytime soon.


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